Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Ok, well that will do for now. Hopefully this is legible to everyone! If not, get a better fucking monitor - it's perfectly legible to me! Anyway, minor tweaking shall continue over the next little while, of course, and hopefully I'll get around to doing something with the archives eventually - archives are a bitch, as I moaned about many a time on the old blog. Ok, well, several times. And now, to actual writing. Let's begin with some spoil-sports...

Jordan and Lydon told: 'No swearing'
Jan 21 2004
By Beth Hardie, icReporter

John Lydon and Jordan have been warned to keep their language clean by bosses of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

Up until yesterday, when my brother e-mailed me, I was blissfully unaware that Johnny Rotten was even going to be on a celebrity reality show, and I must admit that I'm probably not as appalled as I should be. I'm actually rather looking forward to the various forms of mayhem that may be unleashed upon the unsuspecting 'celebrities' during this show. And that's what puzzles me about this "no swearing!" edict that seems to have come down form the studio higher-ups. I mean, you don't invite Johnny Rotten onto your reality show in order to hear him not swear, do you? It would be like having Rush Limbaugh on your show and ordering him not to say anything stupid and offensive. Anyway, with fond recollections of Rotten's hilarious appearance on Judge Judy echoing in my mind, I still await with some glee the shenanigans that hopefully will accompany this latest attempt at TVing reality.

I really have no idea who this 'Jordan' person is, but according to the article she's a mouthy drunk.

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