Thursday, January 29, 2004

More Anti-Youth Bigotry in Edmonton

Yup, the stultifying forces of fear and hatred of young folks are in full cry this week. I was going to write pages and pages of exciting prose about the appalling sentiments offered up by Jim "Dickhead" Taylor, head of some cabal of downtown businessmen, but the Edmonton Journal beat me to the punch in an excellent editorial that ran yesterday. The only improvement to their piece that I can offer is that I can actually call Jim Taylor a dickhead. Anyway, here ya go...

Downtown without kids poor idea
The Edmonton Journal
Wednesday, January 28, 2004

When the head of Edmonton's Downtown Business Association unashamedly admits he doesn't want young people in the city's core, something is seriously amiss.

What is becoming increasingly clear about this whole situation is that Taylor's hatred of kids (and make no mistake, it is hatred), is based not on any of his claims of drug-use, vandalism, theft, etc., but on the fact that the kids who come downtown are not making him richer. In short, he's a pathetic, whiny, greedy piece of shit who deserves every bit of "hassling" (his term) that the youth of Edmonton can hand out.

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